Vergano Americano Rosso


Mauro Vergano is a chemist that turned wine/vermouth maker. He produces this 'Americano', a modern adaptation of traditional Vermouth.

This is an aromatized and produced with a base of wine, of the Grignolino grape variety. Mauro sources his Grignolino from organic, local wine producer, Cascina Tavjin. 

The process starts with an extract that contains Absinthe (in this case a mixture of the Maggiore, Gentile and Pontico varieties). Bitter herbs are then blended, such as Gentianella, bitter orange and Chinotto (a variety of Ligurian citrus). This extract steeps for about 20-30 days and then is eventually blended with sugar and alcohol. Lastly, it is clarified and filtered before being bottled. 

This is great for a variety of cocktails or simply served over ice with an orange twist. 

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