Tenuta l'Armonia Frizzi Pop Frizzante 2018


60% Pinot Nero, 40% Durella — the latter a native varietal highly-regarded by Andrea for its acidity, but also for its history as one of the traditional grapes in Vicenza. Finished as a pet-nat sur lie, with fresh, fine perlage and just the right amount of frizz. Unfiltered,  not disgorged, and with zero SO2 added. It’s got a slightly pinkish-orange hue — think rose gold, or if grapefruits could glow — thanks to the soft pressing of the Pinot Noir, but it is not a macerated orange wine. Stone fruits, marmalade, apple, dried red berries, and mineral notes dominate the nose and in the mouth it’s lively, lean, and crisp. Super drinkable, delicate, zippy, and an all-around pleasure. As they say, once you Pop…

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