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Croci Gutturnio Frizzante

 A lot of people roll hard into summer cracking open Roses and White wines. For those of you who want to keep the red flowing ..we have got the solution for you!  Croci's Gutturnio frizzante blend of Barbera and Bonarda might very well change your mind forever and get Biondivino on your speed dial list to ask for more.  Less tannic and more refreshing than Emilia's more famous sparkler, Lambrusco, Gutturnio is interesting, wild and absolutely amazing.  Crisp and dry, put it in the fridge for a few minutes for a little chill, and it's perfect as the summer warms up. 

The Croci family has been producing wines in Emilia Romagna for generations. These vineyards, on the hills of Monterosso Val d'Arda, produce some of Italy's most underrated frizzante wines.

Croci's version of Gutturnio is bright and balanced, with subtle, creamy bubbles created by a traditional fermentation process.  This separates it from its counterpart Lambrusco,  where the wine goes through a second fermentation in a steel tank before bottling, leaving it with a more carbonated finish. In addition to the natural bubbles, this wine is organic and biodynamic. 

We love cracking this bottle open at parties, picnics or on the sofa! We think it pairs well with meatballs, salami, cheese, pizzas, or just drink it by itself! 

With less than five cases left make sure to grab some before it is gone. Enjoy! 

Croci Gutturnio Frizzante 2011 $24.