Zidarich Terrano 2011


The Azienda Zidarich was founded in 1988 and is nestled in the small village district of the Carso area, Friuli, Italy. The word Carso is thought to have come from Celtic, meaning the land of rock. Here you will find red, iron-rich soils, studded with jagged chalky rock. 

Current owner, Benjamin Zidarich, revolutionized his father's company by expanding the vineyards and focusing on native grape varieties. Those of which are Vitovska, Malvasia and the native Terrano.

This red is 100% Terrano, macerated in open vats for four weeks and ultimately aged in Slovenian barrel for 20 months. 

A wine with a dark berry fruit color, fresh acidity on the mid-palate, dried berries, oil cured olive and slight clove spice.