Punta Crena Lumassina Sparkling 2015


The Ruffino family has been tending these vineyards for over 500 years, changing very little if not anything in their approach to how they work. They are located in the small village of Varigotti, just southwest of Savona. Here, you will find orderly, narrow vine rows, planted on terraced vineyards. Today the estate is run by four siblings: Tommaso, the eldest, is the winemaker; Paolo is the salesman; Anna handles logistics and Nicola helps out in the vineyards and winery. Their mother, Libera, a strong businesswoman innovated sales years ago, by dealing directly with clients, instead of merchants who controlled the market at the time. Today she plays a supporting role, by cooking for guests and tending to her garden. 

The native grape, Lumassina is a cousin of the grape Mataòssu (also produced by Punta Crena). It is called Lumassina, due to the fact that it is a wine that ferments slowly. It is a play on words, considering that in Italian "Lumaca" means snail. 

The Lumassina is sourced from silt-laden vineyards between 10 and 20 years of age. Once pressed and fermented, the wine spends four months on the lees. This adds texture and some richness. Lumassina is just the kind of citrus driven, mineral, brisk Ligurian white that we have come to adore.

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