Pomodolce Croatina Fontanino 2011


Azienda Pomodolce is located in Piedmont, within the district of Alessandria. Specifically Montemarzino, where you find three different production zones; Fontanino, Pomodolce e Barone. All vineyard work is done according to organic viticulture, with respect to quality and yield. 

A bit on the grape Croatina. AKA Bonarda; this is an ancient varietal is planted throughout Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna. In Lombardy’s Oltrepo’ Pavese and Emilia’s Colli Piacentini it is known strictly as Bonarda. 100% Bonarda is grown in Piedmont, however it is typically blended with other varietals. 

Croatina is a variety that has always been enjoyed in the Davico family, infact, proudly served at the families' restaurant. This Croatina is from limestone/clay soils and is selection from the best bunches in the vineyards. The wine is fermented in stainless steel and aged 12 months in neutral barriques. 

We like suggesting this wine to people that enjoy drinking Dolcetto. In contrast we find this wine to be a bit spicy, dry, full of plum and a bit juicy. Goes very well with BBQ. 

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