Le Rocche del Gatto Rossese 2012


Winemaker Fausto De Andreis of Rocche Del Gatto is located in the Ligurian town of Albenga, southwest of Savona. 

This is Rossese with small percentages of Granaccia which is grown within the production zone of "Riviera Ligure di Ponente". These are vines that are rigorously harvested by hand and fermented with great care and attention. All of Fausto's wines undergo malolactic fermentation, which provides softness and balance. 

Il Rossese del Gatto comes from two different zones; Rossese di Campochiesa and Rossese di Ventimiglia. 

It is argued that Rossese is related to the Provencal grape variety Tibouren.

This is a vibrant, aromatic and saline red, medium-bodied at best. Versatile, however it pairs very well with rabbit or chicken dishes or gnocchi al pesto.