il Cancelliere Taurasi Aglianico 'Nero Ne' 2007


Il Cancelliere is situated in the heart of Montemarano about 450-600 meters above sea level, in a zone particularly suted for the Taurasi (Local D.O.C.G. designation) production. Here, the grape that dominates is Aglianico.

Soccorso Romano runs the property with his wife and son, Enrico. Enrico is well versed in agronomy, therefore he manages the vineyards. In the cellar, Soccorso is keen on the 'peasant' approach to making wine, where all processes are kept to a minimum. 

We were happy to come across a wine that didn't represent the mass-produced, commercialized side to the wine industry in Campania. 

This 100% Aglianico sourced from Iampenne, Montemarano production zones. The wine is aged for 24 months in Slovenian barrels and aged for an additional year in bottle. We love this for its bottle age and incredible depth, dark fruit characteristics and smokey undertones. 

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