Foti Vinudilice Rosato 2014


Vinudilice is a rosè produced by winemaker Salvo Foti. This comes from the Bosco vineyard, nestled in a vast forest of oak trees, in the region of Bronte (Northern Etna), 1300m above sea level. The wine gets its' name from the holly oak, ilice, Sicilian dialect, hence the name Vinudilice

The blend is comprised of Alicante (aka Grenache), Grecanico, Minella and other minor varietals. The 0.35 hectare vineyard is more than a century old and is planted according to alberello (bush-training), equivalent to 10,000 vines per hectare. Vines are cultivated by hand, with the help of Ciccio the mule. No refrigeration, added yeasts or filtration are used in the wine making process. Decanting and bottling follow the phases of the moon. Vines are arguably the highest found in Europe, at 1300 meters above sea level.

This wine shows freshness and density, mineral complexity and subtle red fruit.  

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