Croci Campedello Frizzante 2011


The Croci family has been producing wines in Emilia Romagna for generations. These vineyards, on the hills of Monterosso Val d'Arda, produce some of our favorite effervescent wines. 

Current owner Massimiliano Croci produces this biodynamic/organic wine from Malvasia and Ortrugo grapes. 

This is essentially a 'Method Ancestrale', a traditonal process where the wine is fermented and aged on its own lees. The result is a wine that is 'frizzante', yielding less bubbles than one might be accustomed to with other sparkling wines. 

Tart and textured, lemony and mineral. Typically a wine we like to suggest as an apertif, matched well with cured meats and firm, alpine cow's milk cheeses. 

These wines are low in sulfur and naturally fermented. 

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