Calabretta Little A 2014


Mt. Etna, located in eastern Sicily, is a volcano of ancient geological origin with more of 3.000 meters of altitude, located in the mid of Mediterranean Sea formed in the millennia century after century.

From 4 generations, the Calabretta family has grown grapes according to the century-old traditions of Etna; minimizing vineyard treatments. Currently the winery is run by father, Massimo and son, Massimiliano. Any use of chemical pesticides or herbicides is avoided, harvest typically starts around the second week of October. Fermentations are carried out exclusively with wild yeasts, and macerations can be as long as two months.

"Little A" represents a love story between the butterflies and the flowers that grow and live on the hotbed of volcanic lava, that is; Mt. Etna. The wine is rustic yet floral, delicate and vibrant.