Biondi Etna Rosso Outis 2014


The Biondi family has owned vineyards in this area since at least 1800. It was first bottled and sold under their label a century ago; the modern version of the Biondi winery started in 1999, by Stef and Ciro Biondi. Ciro (an architect by training) and his wife Stef own three vineyards near the small town of Trecastagni, and have reworked an old palmento (ancient platform and technique for the grape crush) in one of their vineyards as a winery. Barrel storage is in the little old cellar of the family house in the center of Trecastagni.

Etna Rosso 'Outis' is made of mostly Nerello Mascalese, blended with Nerello Cappuccio. Soils are sandy, volcanic and rich in minerals. Pinot noir and young nebbiolo like in character, meidum bodied. Notes of balsamic and wild herbs.