Andrea Scovero Barbera d'Asti 'Ciapin' 2012


Andrea Scovero is a third generation winemaker. He's located in Bionzo, a small village of Costigliole d'Asti, nestled in the hills of Asti. Andrea's vineyards stretch across a small 5 hectares of land, producing only 10,000 bottles with respect to the vintage.

'Ciapin' refers to his grandfathers house, where you will find two vineyards that supply the fruit for this wine. What is blended is Barbera from one vineyard of 15 years of age and one of 40 years. The wine is spontaneously fermented for 25 to 30 days in stainless steel. Andrea lightly filters and bottles when he deems the wine ready. 

Andrea doesn't like giving percentags of how much Barbera from each vineyard, because the quantities "change like the weather", from year to year. 

Andrea has been organic since 1999 and produced his first vintage at 26. 

This Barbera is medium-bodied with all the earthy, wild dark fruit that one might expect. Drink it with the classic Piemontese dish, Bagna Cauda.