Ancarani Uvappesa Centisimino Passito NV 500ml


The first time we came across these wines, it was love at first site....

The Ancarani estate is run by Claudio Ancarani, the ‘agricolo’ and wife Rita Babini, the 'energy'. They both strive to cultivate their vineyards in the region of Emilia-Romagna, located in the hills of Faenza. ‘Oriolo dei Fichi’ production zone. Here, you can find a fortified historical site dating back to 1457, amongst the oldest in Italy.

Claudio and Rita are a young couple, that like many, are trying to get back to their Italian roots. Their estate is not only for wine production, yet for the production of wheat (Senatore Cappelli) and therefore, pasta. The idea of an all encompassing farm, is nothing new, however many of younger generations like Claudio and Rita are seeing the benefits of it. 

What sets their wines apart, from other wineries in the region?

  • Selection of native varieties
  • Production limited to the natural expression of the territory
  • Grapes thinned out and selected for greater wealth and health
  • Long maceration to transfer all components of the grape to wine
  • Monitoring the use of additional sulfites

The Uvappessa is 100% 'Centesimino' AKA Savignôn Rosso, from rich clay soils. 12% alcohol, with a remaining 8% residual sugar. 

After being destemmed, and gently crushed, the grapes then macerate for nearly 10 days. 

Once fermented and racked, it is aged in barrel for one year before bottling. 

Yes this wine is SWEET, however there is more to it than that. Think wild blueberries and rosehips steeped in alcohol and a little tannin, to give grip. 

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