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Surprise wine tasting

Guess who is back... our friend Ross Bingham who also happens to be a wine importer. Join us for a surprise wine tasting tomorrow night from 6-8pm at Biondivino with the one and only Ross Bingham of Critical Mass Selections.  Ross likes to drop in and surprise us and we always welcome him with open arms. Ross will be pouring some of his favorites from his portfolio of small production natural wines! The tasting will be very casual so just swing by anytime between 6-8pm and you can pay at the door. See you tomorrow!

Ross Bingham of Critical Mass Selections
Wednesday, June 15th
$10 tasting fee

Below are some fun facts about our friend, Ross. 

Ross Bingham of Critical Mass Selections
Job Title: Wine Importer

Fun Facts:

When not drinking wine.. Ross loves a FREEZING cold Asahi Beer

Last present he purchased.... A Picnic Set for his Wife.

Favorite thing to watch on TV: Motorcycle Racing

Go-to snack at the Movie Theatre:  Lightly Buttered Popcorn, and he needs to finish the entire popcorn container before he can focus on the movie

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