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Adventurous drinkers wanted!

Each month, the Biondivino wine club travels Italy's back roads and undiscovered regions, in search of new and exciting wines for our members to try. This is a club for adventurous wine drinkers – a way to explore unique wines from Italy and other European regions. More importantly, it is a way to be a part of the Biondivino community.


Ceri spends a considerable amount of time choosing these wines, which are often procured especially for the wine club. We will always recommend food pairings and the wines will never disappoint in their uniqueness. Every wine we curate has a story – we hope you can connect with these incredible winemakers and share the experience around the table with friends.

In addition to two/or three bottles of wine per month, members get the following benefits:

  • Free entry (for two) to winemaker tastings at the Biondivino location in Russian Hill
  • 10% member discount on all retail purchases
  • Special offers for members
  • A reusable (and stylish) Biondivino wine carrier
  • Access (for two) to one Italian wine appreciation class held by Founder and curator Ceri Smith
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  • Biondivino Due

  • Biondivino Tre