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Oleificio Vieste 'Vigoroso'

Vieste is a coastal town located in the Gargano National Park surrounded mostly by water ( North eastern part of Puglia). It boasts an incomparable experience in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is also supported by the nature of the territory. Its temperate microclimate has fostered the growth of olive trees for centuries. 

My family has been in this business for many generations. Since we don’t have our own oil mill, we, (like most of the farmers) bring the olives to a coop mill, in our case to “Fratelli Vieste”, two brothers full of love and passions for their land, and long time friends of my family. The Vigoroso Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained through the selection of the best olives from 'Ogliarola Garganica' cultivars, produced in Vieste. 
The hand-picked olives are immediately pressed with millstones and cold pressed by soft pressure.  Its yellow color, turning towards green, shows a sensory note which reminds one of freshly pressed olives followed by a fruity but sweet aftertaste. 

I started to bring this olive oil to America five years ago almost for fun, then I noticed that more and more people were asking me when the new one will arrive and I kept bringing it in but always in small quantities. I’m honored to share the product of my land with you guys and new people. I think this olive oil is a common denominator that brings people in this undiscovered region, full of history, natural beauty and traditions.  

We are happy to share this with you via Biondivino. Enjoy!

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