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Biondivino Winemaker Tasting - Bele Casel with Paola Ferraro

Bele Casel is a true family affair. Siblings Paola and Luca Gomiero work closely with their father Danilo who 40 years ago had a vision to make top quality sparkling wine after meeting his future father-in-law Illario and his beautiful vineyard in his hometown. The family handles every aspect of production from vineyard work by Danilo and Luca to bottling, labeling, winemaking, deliveries and sales and marketing. The hillside vineyards and winery are situated in the province of Treviso between the small towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiandene in a little known subzone of the Prosecco DOCG-Asolo Superiore. 

The family owns 1.5 ha and controls and farms another 10 ha of vineyards through long-term contracts. The hillside vineyards belonging to the family are all organically farmed and produce three very distinct Proseccos – Extra Dry, Extra Brut and Col Fondo. They use zero chemical additives and herbicides and minimal impact during the entire winemaking process. Vines grow in the most sun-drenched parts fn south-facing slopes that reach elevations of 180 m above sea level. The volcanic terrain makes the region difficult to farm. All fruit is hand-picked and hand-sorted.